RALI Dillon

Project Information

Since inception, RALI- Dillon County has secured many grants to help the local community in various ways.

-Dillon County Free Medical Clinic was established in 2008 with a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of $50,000. The Free Medical Clinic is located at 310 West Washington Street, Dillon, South Carolina.


- The Healthy South Carolina Initiative Community Engagement – Community Assessment - $15,000. RALI Dillon County is currently engaged in at 18 month community engagement/assessment through a grant from the Health South Carolina Initiative to promote healthy eating and access to healthy food options in our county.


- SC Tobacco Free Collaborative ($1,000). RALI Dillon County is partnering with the South Carolina Tobacco Free Collaborative to provide smoke free signage to churches and businesses wanting to promote a smoke free environment.


Participant Information

Pat Laird, Board Chair

Evelyn Govan, Vice-Chair

Cynthia Hulon, Secretary/Treasurer

Anna Alford

Ernie Barrentine

Carmen Bethea

Carolyn Bolton

Lynn Bowman

Nina Bradley

Brenda Campbell

Shipp Daniel

Moses Heyward

Brenda Ivey

Travis Jackson

Teresa Jacobs

Mamie Legette

Johnnie Luehrs

Tonny McNeil

Grady Sampson

Mike Summerlin

Carrie Townsend

For more information about RALI- Dillon County, please contact Pat Laird at 843-845-2875.

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