RLI Clarendon County

RLI Clarendon County was formed in August 2012, after a group of Clarendon County residents completed the Rural Leadership Institute at Francis Marion University. Through this training at Francis Marion University, the participants learned how to develop a sustainable project and program which will benefit their rural community. The curriculum of RLI emphasizes on organizational management, budgeting and finance, problem solving, intergovernmental relations, and other topics specifically tailored to the needs of rural communities.

Project Information

Clarendon County desires to implement a mentoring program for pre-teen and teenaged children. They aim to either pattern it after Big Brothers Big Sisters or to officially affiliate with that program all-together. Currently, their plan is to pilot the program in one of the smaller towns in the county, for example, Turbeville. Eventually, they would like to expand the program to all areas of the county. Although school aged children will be the beneficiaries of this proposed program, they would prefer to create it independently from the public and private school to allow more flexibility.


Board Members

Dory Corbett (Chairman)

Susan Anderson

Lesley Dykes

Pat Goodwin

Sam Levy

Bea Rivers

Konstaintin Vengerowsky

Charlotte Johnston

Otis Reed

Betty Bosier

Outreach News