RLI Sumter County

RLI- Sumter County was formed in August 2012, after a group of Sumter County residents completed the Rural Leadership Institute at Francis Marion University. Through this training at Francis Marion University, the participants learned how to develop a sustainable project and program which will benefit their rural community. The curriculum of RLI emphasizes on organizational management, budgeting and finance, problem solving, intergovernmental relations, and other topics specifically tailored to the needs of rural communities.

Project Information

Their goal is to create and open a one stop shop for children who have been abused and or neglected. The center would house all agencies that provide a service to these victims under one roof to avoid them having to run around town from one place to another.

They have a building, and already have some of the necessary agencies who have agreed to come on board to make this happen in Sumter County. They recognize the fact that they must form partnerships, and get funding, along with a lot of hard work but we are up for the challenge.

Board Members

Carolina Richardson (Chairman)

Allen Bailey

Marilyn Morgan

Nancy Green

Myrna Rosario

Valerie Brunson

Dorothy Edwards

Outreach News